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Master Course in Global Change Management
Faculty of Forest and Environment
Eberswalde University for Sustainable Development


Address Eberswalde University for Sustainable Development; Faculty of Forest and Environment; Alfred-Moeller-Straße 1; 16225 Eberswalde; Germany
Tel. No. +49 (0) 333465417
Fax No. +49 (0) 333465428
E-mail address
Course M.Sc. Global Change Management
Type of course Full-time
Length of course 4 Semesters
Date of commencement Start of the Winter semester: last week of September
Application deadline: 1st of May for foreigners; 15th of July for German applicants
Class size 25
Cost/Fees Administration fee plus Semester ticket = 200 Euro per semester, but no study fees
Accommodation Student accommodations are available
Student grants / financial assistance None
Top recruiters of our graduates Non-Governmental organisations; Governmental institutions; Companies
Exchange partners Exchange Partner Schools or universities in the Netherlands, Sweden, Finland, Poland, Greece, Australia, France, Dominican Republic
Admissions requirements Proof of a university degree such as Bachelor of Science or Diploma in biology, ecology, ecosystem management, land use or landscape planning, nature conservation, forestry and agriculture.

Applicants with a university degree in other disciplines than those mentioned above may be admitted if they prove a relevant additional qualification related to the topics of global change management.

Applicants have to show a certificate of qualified command of English e.g. TOEFL at least 567 (paper-based)/567 pts (computer-based)/ 87 pts (internet-based)), ICC 2, Unicert 3 or an equivalent certification. Native speakers or applicants from countries with English as their official language do not have to prove their English skills.
Student profile 1.Countries of origin: Germany (25), USA (2); Spain (1), Aserbaidshan (1), Thailand (1), UK (1), Turkey (1), Italy (1); Czech Republic (3)
2. Male/Female ratio: 50/50
3. Age range: 25 to 30 years
4. Average age: 27 years
5. Average work experience: 2 years
Contact person for application Astrid Schilling
Course director Prof. Dr. Martin Welp


About the Master's programme

This Master's programme trains specialists who are able to effectively contribute to the mitigation of and adaptation to the drastic effects of Global Change. The main focus is on a pro active sustainable use of natural resources.

Acquisition of a science-based understanding of the causes, dimensions, mechanisms and current trends of Global Change processes which are relevant for natural resource management.

Development of key skills for understanding human-environment interrelationships and for communicating with stakeholders and the broader public.

Evaluation of the reactions of biological systems of various hierarchical levels (from cell to ecosystems) and the impacts of Global Change.

Application of scientific knowledge and planning methods for the design of strategies to minimise risks associated with Global Change.

Specific modules with focus on: Conservation and land use management under global change; Impact of global change on development cooperation; Moderation, negotiation and conflict solving; Global change and the insurance sector; Lobbying.

First and second semesters:

- Global Change Processes and driving forces behind them
- Impacts of Global Change on biological systems and land use
- Socio-economic, institutional and political dimensions
- Design and implementation of management strategies

Third semester:

- independent research project (at a university or partner institution in Germany or abroad)

Fourth semester:

- integral module "Designing climate change mitigation projects", elective modules and Master's thesis


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