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MBA International Business Management

Degree awarded
MBA (Master of Business Administration)

HFU Business School, Furtwangen University, Jakob-Kienzle-Straße 17, 78054 Villingen-Schwenningen, Germany

+49 (0)7720 307 4506

E-mail address

Type of course

Language of tuition

Length of course
3 semesters

Date of commencement
Winter semester (October)

Application deadline
31 March for non-EU applicants
15 July for national and EU applicants

Class size
Max. 15 students

Cost / fees
€4,000 per semester (for all students)

Student grants / Financial assistance
For students who have gained excellent grades in their first semester, we can offer a €2,000 scholarship for the second semester.

There are Student Halls of Residence, which are run by Student Service Freiburg (Studierendenwerk Freiburg). Besides these, there is also a wide variety of private accommodation available. Many students live in communal flats with other students.

Major recruiters of graduates of our programmes
Regional as well as supra-regional companies with business departments.

Exchange partner schools
Furtwangen University cooperates with more than 100 different partner universities worldwide

Student profile
1. Ratio of National / International students - 95% international students, 5% national students
2. Ratio of Men / Women - 70% men, 30% women
3. Age range - 25-35

Admission requirements
See below / opposite

Programme Director
Lena Frommer

Furtwangen University, HFU Business School

MBA International Business Management

The HFU MBA is designed for professionals interested in learning how to manage business across global markets. We offer a leading-edge curriculum taught entirely in English by a dynamic and internationally experienced faculty.

Through our location at the crossroads of Europe, we challenge students to think and live globally. Organizational leadership, strategic management and managing cultural diversity are core areas of the programme, which prepares our students for a successful professional future in business enterprises operating across international borders.

Admission requirements

  • An undergraduate degree (with at least 210 ECTS)
  • At least 24 months of relevant work experience in a business environment following graduation (student internships or summer jobs do not qualify)
  • Proficiency in spoken and written English as indicated by:
    • an English-taught degree
    • several years of professional work in an English-speaking country
    • TOEFL (score >95), IELTS (score >7) or equivalent test

About HFU Business School, Furtwangen University

The HFU Business School is a faculty of Furtwangen University, a state-run university located in picturesque southern Germany.

All study programmes at HFU Business School qualify students for a wide range of exciting and future-oriented tasks, as well as for taking on responsibility in companies worldwide.

Our research and teaching on transcultural competence is an example of how international and experiential learning formats play an important role in strengthening our students’ global cooperation skills and preparing them for an international career. For this reason, intercultural and transcultural aspects are integral study contents from the very beginning.