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General Management M.A.

Degree awarded
Master of Arts (M.A.)

Zeppelin Universität gemeinnützige GmbH, Am Seemooser Horn 20, D 88045 Friedrichshafen, Germany

+49 7541 6009-0

+49 7541 6009-1199

E-mail address

Type of course

Language of tuition
English / German

Length of course
4 semesters / 2 years

Date of commencement
In the Fall – September

Application deadline
Rolling Application process

Class size
5-20 students

Cost / fees
24,360 Euro for the whole course
6,090 Euro per semester

Student grants / Financial assistance
Every year, Zeppelin University awards scholarships to outstanding applicants. The scholarships are funded by partners and sponsors of the University and are limited to study courses at ZU.
Financial options: At Sparkasse Herford, you can avail of a student loan without the need for collateral, and regardless of your income, your receipt of BAföG student grants, or your parents' income:
• Study first - pay later: payment (depending on income) after graduation
• Direct payment of fixed monthly rates (fixed sum)
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Major recruiters of graduates of our programmes
The unique research orientation of the master's program qualifies graduates for a subsequent career in both the scientific and private sectors.

Exchange partner schools
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Programme Directors
Dr. Rima Ghanem, Dr. Isabell Häcker-Kruck, Prof. Dr. Franziska Peter

Contact details for application
Birgit Wallace
+49 7541 6009-2000

Zeppelin University

Master of Arts in General Management

The M.A. in General Management is a scientific study program with a practical relevance anchored in theory. The aim is to complement the knowledge and skills that the students learned in their undergraduate degree with broad-ranging elements of management which have been supplemented in select areas, and to combine this with an interdisciplinary qualifications profile.

With this exceptional profile, the master's program takes into account the increased demands on today's managers – demands which are the result of an organizational environment that is changing in a faster and more sustained way than ever before.

The unique research orientation of the master's program also qualifies graduates for a subsequent career in both the scientific and private sectors.

The M.A. in General Management prepares students for management jobs in the grey areas between different departments and the classic economics fields. It aims at occupational fields which would otherwise typically be filled by graduates from integrated study programs in Industrial Engineering, Business Informatics, Economic Law, Industrial Psychology etc.

The master's study program offers exclusive access to graduates of subjects which do not provide the option of integrated courses.

About Zeppelin University

Zeppelin University (ZU) sees itself as an open, inspiring, research-oriented think-tank that breaks new ground in university education, pursues an entrepreneurial approach, and combines a discipline-specific grounding with an interdisciplinary way of thinking and working.

This includes ensuring freedom with regard to research and teaching while making a voluntary commitment to uphold academic standards, as well as a focus on critical reflection and the advancement of scientific methods and practice.

ZU was founded in 2003 to develop innovative opportunities in research and teaching in the tradition of Humboldt’s educational ideal, which are adapted both programmatically and in accordance with the university’s own ethos to the major societal changes of the twenty-first century. In the spirit of the Enlightenment ideas espoused by Humboldt, ZU is committed both to gaining knowledge for its own sake and – especially in teaching – to disseminating and communicating the value of a scientific world view.

ZU, with its own campus on the Lake Constance beach is situated in one of Germany's most attractive scenic areas. Nestled at the meeting point of Germany, Austria, and Switzerland and in close proximity to inviting metropolises such as Zürich, Munich, and Stuttgart, the almost endless range of things on offer here will not just be pleasing to sports enthusiasts.

Ranking, Accreditation and Awards

Top position in economics CHE Ranking 2023/2024

Zeppelin University is once again one of the best-placed universities in the 2023/24 university ranking published by the Center for Higher Education Development (CHE). It occupies a top position among all German universities and colleges in the area of Bachelor's and Master's degree programs in economics.

Exchange Partner Schools

Copenhagen Business School (Denmark)
Maastricht University (Netherlands)
Sciences Po (France)
Ghent University (Belgium)
University of Bergen (Norway)
Universitat Abat Oliba (Spain)
Butler Universit (USA)
Lamar University (USA)
Kansas State University (USA)
Quest University (Canada)
Tec de Monterrey (Mexico)
Universidad de los Andes (Columbia),
Peking University (China)
die Tongji University (China)
Reichman University (Israel)
Griffith University Australia
University of Tasmania