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Kazakhstan Institute of Management,
Economics and Strategic Research (KIMEP)


Address 4 Abai Avenue, Almaty 480100, Kazakhstan
Tel. No. +3272 640376, 642679
Fax No. +3272 643720
E-mail address
Executive Director Sagandyk Satubaldin, Phd.,
  • MBA, MA, MPA,- 2years program post graduate programs
  • BSC (bachelor of accounting and business administration)- 4 years program
  • BSS (bachelor of Social sciences) - 4 years program
  • Date of commencement August 31, fall semester begins
    Accommodation KIMEP Hotel complex: capacity 500 persons
    Fees Tution:
    Master programs:
    Kazakhstan and CIS students/Foreign students: 1st year - $2760 +$140 (English)/ $5010+ $260 (English)
    2nd year - $2500/ $6510
    Bachelor programs:
    Kazakhstan students/CIS students/Foreign Students - 1 year: $1320/$2010/$2520
    Financial aid Scholarships(in the form of tuition waiver), housing subsidies, assistantship and part- time on campus work
    Admission requirements Master programs: undergraduate degree, English language
    Bachelor programs: Secondary education, English language
    Student profile Ratio of students: national- 97%/overseas-3%
    Men/women: 50%/50%
    Age: Master program: 23 and over
    Bachelor program – 17 –20
    Contact for application Kaukerbekova Sabina
    Assistant of Executive Director of KIMEP


    Degree Programs

    The BSc is a full-time four year program designed to prepare managers for the 21st century. Our program enhances students ability to successfully integrate into the global business environment. Our admissions policy assures that each student admitted to our institution has the requisite abilities to successfully complete our rigorous academic programs. Our Business Administration courses recognise that students will need to function in the emerging global economic system. Accounting courses are based on International Accounting Standards that are recognised throughout the world.

    The first year of study in the BSc program includes the following courses:
    English, Business Quantitative Analysis, Introduction to Information Systems, Fundamentals of Management, Introduction to Accounting and Financial Reporting/Kazakhstan Accounting, Fundamental of Macroeconomics, and Business Statistical Analysis.

    A KIMEP BSc graduate is prepared for a career in the fields of accounting, business administration, or to further their education at the graduate level.

    The BSS is a full-time four year program. It has the following goals and objectives: to prepare highly qualified and motivated graduates who can compete at international level, and serve the interests of Kazakhstan both nationally and internationally. The program designed to prepare specialists for both private and public sectors to help to build a civil society and create a free market economy through knowledge and education. There are three areas of specialisation: International Relations, Public Administration and Politology.

    MBA The mission of the KIMEP MBA Program is to provide highly educated and motivated professionals in business management to Kazakhstani and international businesses.

    The impetus for the MBA Program at KIMEP came from the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Dr. Nursultan Nazarbaev, and was started in 1992 with funding from the European Union’s Technical Assistance to the Commonwealth of Independent States and Mongolia (TACIS).

    Currently the MBA Program at KIMEP consists of four departments:
    (1) MBA Department of Accounting and Finance;
    (2) MBA Department of Marketing;
    (3) MBA Department of Operations Management and Business Systems;
    (4) MBA Department of Management.

    At this point in time there are 121 first year MBA students and 116 second year MBA students following a two-year curriculum that has been forged with materials, advice and know-how from five of the leading business schools in Europe: ESADE (Barcelona, Spain), Copenhagen Business School (Denmark), HEC (Paris, France), London School of Economics (England) and Wirtschaftuniversitat (Vienna, Austria).

    The Faculty of the MBA Program at KIMEP is composed of 5 foreign faculty coming from France, Spain, Canada, Denmark and the UK and 20 Local Faculty all of whom have Master’s Degrees, postgraduate studies in Europe or the USA, and 10 of whom are currently enrolled in Ph.D. programmes.

    The two-year MBA Program is taught entirely in English and offers opportunities for students to engage in research and company internships in the Summer.

    The Tacis MBA Project at KIMEP sponsors an International Research Workshop every year and the next is scheduled for June 2-3, 2000 with the theme being "Developing Research-based Teaching Materials for Business Education".

    Further information can be found at the following sites:

    The MA (Economics) offers a two year full-time advanced education in theoretical and applied Economics, relevant to transition into and operation of world commodities and Financial markets. The program offers a wide range of electives and, after the core courses in macro- and microeconomics, econometrics and finance, students can choose, if they wish, to specialise in either International Economics or Policy Economics. Opportunities to continue studies abroad are available too.

    The MPA program offers a two year full-time study program which aims to prepare highly qualified specialists with the necessary knowledge and skills to work in diverse governmental bodies, public organisations, embassies, international and local non-profit organisations, etc. The MPA program offers two major specializations: Public Policy Management (PPM), and Development Administration (DA).

    Core courses are: macro- and microeconomics, public finance, public management in transitional economies, managing people, managing organisations, law, international organisations, applied statistics, and development studies. Top students have the opportunity to conduct their own original research.


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