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Russian State University
for the Humanities


Address 6 Miusskaya Square, Moscow 125267, Russia
Tel. No. +7 095 251-10-70, +7 095 250-65-16
Fax No. +7 095 251-10-70, 973-48-60
E-mail address
  • History and Archives
  • Information Protection
  • Informatics
  • Scientific, Technical, and Film/Photo/Phono Archives
  • History, Politology and Law
  • History and Philology
  • History of Arts
  • Theoretical and Applied Linguistics
  • Management
  • Philosophy
  • Economic Sciences
  • Type of course full educational cycles, study-abroad programmes for foreign studens, continuing education, individual study plans (see in "Short History")
    Length of course 4 years (bachelor) and 5 years (specialist)
    Date of commencement 1st September
    Class size from 4 to 6 students (Russian Language classes)
    Accommodation available (at the rate 250 USD per month)
    Fees from 2000 USD to 6000 USD per semester
    Admission requirements Russian Language fluency required
    Student profile
  • Ratio of National / Overseas students: 10/1
  • Age range: 17- 25
  • Contact for application Petoukhova Svetlana Borisovna
    International Students Department


    History and Archives

    Major subjects: Historical Manuscripts of Ancient Rus; Historical Manuscripts of Medieval Rus; Literary and arts archives; Archives Automated Technologies and Historical Research; Audiovisual, Scientific, Technical and Economic Archives; Ancient and Medieval History of Europe.
    Dean - Elena M. Burova
    Tel. +7 095 921-43-14

    Information Protection

    Major subjects: Legal and Economic Principles of Information Protection; Methodologies of Information Protection; Engineering and Technical Information Protection; Organization of Information Protection
    Dean - Vladimir S. Anashin
    Tel. +7 095 388-08-88


    Major subjects:Automated Information Technologies and Systems; Information Resources; Mathematics
    Dean - Arkady G. Romanenko
    Tel. +7 095 250-63-59

    Scientific, Technical, and Film/Photo/Phono Archives

    Dean - Larisa M. Vjalova
    Tel. +7 095 298-03-17

    History, Politology and Law

    Dean - Alexander P. Logunov
    Tel. +7 095 298-03-45

    History of Arts

    Major subjects: Museum Studies; History and Theory of Culture; General History of Fine Arts
    Dean - Svetlana I. Sotnikova
    Tel. +7 095 250-69-25

    Economic Sciences

    Dean - Gennadiy V. Ross
    Tel. +7 095 250-65-87


    Major subjects: History of Russian Philosophy; World History of Philosophy; Contemporary Philosophic Trends
    Dean - Valery D. Gubin
    Tel. +7 095 260-67-89


    Dean - Nadejzda I. Arhipova
    Tel. +7 095 250-65-39

    History and Philology

    Major subjects: History of Russian Literature; History of World Literature; Theory and History of Poetry; Classic Culture; Theater History; Foreign Languages
    Dean - Galina A. Belaya
    Tel. +7 095 251-35-06


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