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The Urals State University


Address 51 Lenin Ave., Ekaterinburg, 620083 Russia
Tel. No. +7 3432-55-75-12
Fax No. +7 3432-55-75-12
E-mail address
Rector Professor Vladimir Tretyakov
  • Mathematics and Mechanics
  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Biology
  • Philology
  • History
  • Philosophy
  • Political Science and Sociology
  • Economics
  • Journalism
  • Art and Culture Studies
  • Russian as a Foreign Language
  • Type of course
  • Bachelor of Sciences ( 4 years of education )
  • Graduate ( 5 years of education, Diploma )
  • Master of Sciences ( 6 years of education, Diploma )
  • Postgraduate studies ( 3 years of education, candidate of Sc. )
  • Doctorate Courses ( Doctor of Sc. Degree )
  • Russian as a Foreign Language 1 - 2 years of education
  • Date of commencement September, 1 - June, 30
    Class size 10 - 30 students
    Accommodation Available
    Fees overseas: 1500 -3000 USD
    national: 1500 - 2000 USD
    Student grants Not available
    Admission requirements Russian fluency required
    Student profile
  • Ratio of National / Overseas students: 6000 / 40
  • Ratio of Men / Women: 40% / 60%
  • Contact for application Mrs. Svetlana Sokollova
    Head of the International Relations Office,
    51 Lenin Ave., Ekaterinburg, 620083 Russia
    Tel: 7-3432-55-75-12
    Fax: 7-3432-55-75-12


    Department of Physics

    Dean - Professor A. N. Babushkin, Doctor of Physics and Mathematics.

    Student body: 675 full-time students. Staff: 18 professors, Doctors of Sciences; 45 associate professors, Candidates of Sciences; 15 senior lecturers and lecturers.

    Chairs: theoretical physics; general and molecular physics; computer-aided physics; solid-state physics; magnetic phenomena physics; low-temperature physics; astronomy and geodesy.

    Majoring in: physics, astrophysics, (theoretical physics, magnetic phenomena physics, physics metrology, physics of semiconductors and dielectrics, optoelectronics, thermal and molecular physics, solid-state physics, low-temperature physics, physics of metals, management of development technologies, information computer nets).

    Basic academic disciplines: mathematical analysis, analytic geometry, higher algebra, differential equations, theory of functions of complex variables, mathematical physics, computers and programming, numerical methods in physics, computer simulation of physical processes, general physics, quantum mechanics, thermodynamics, electrodynamics, statistical physics, digital devices and microprocessor system, methods of physical measurements.

    Fields of research: electronic structure; kinetics; optics; magnetic properties and resonance phenomena in condensed media; physics of magnetic materials; permanent magnetic materials; magnetic information recording; physical property research and study of perspective material phase formation processes for solid-state electronics; research of crystal ion transfer processes; heat and mass transfer in heterogeneous media; aerosol and rarefied gas dynamics; gas-solid interface phenomena; electron structure dynamics study of crystals under high and superhigh pressures; study of scattering star clusters, multiple stars, close binary stars and interestellar medium; the sun and stars physics; astrogeodetic investigations. Alexey N.Babushkin, dean,head of chair of low-temperature physics
    Tel: +7 3432 22-32-82, 61-60-58


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