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Malvern House Dublin


Address 33-34 Dame Street, Dublin 2, Ireland
Telephone + 353 1 697 5525
E-mail address
Courses General & Intensive English Programmes
Exam English Programmes (IELTS, Cambridge, TOEIC, TOEFL)
Business English Programmes
Combination Programmes (English & Music, English & Sport, English & Dance, Over 50’s)
Executive & Professional Programmes (Business & ESP, English & Work, Internship, Au Pair)
Highschool & Academic Year Programmes
Summer Programmes for Juniors & Teenagers
Type of courses Full Time & Part Time
Length of courses From 1 week-52 weeks
Level of courses Beginner
Pre Intermediate
Upper Intermediate
Date of commencement Any Monday
Examinations offered IELTS
Cambridge First Certificate (FCE)
Cambridge Advanced Certificate (CAE)
Cambridge Proficiency Certificate (CPE)
Class size Maximum 15 / Average 10
Student accommodation Homestay / Residence
Fees Download in pdf
Student profile At Malvern House Dublin we have students from all over the world who take our English language courses. There is a mix of male and female students and ages vary depending on what course is chosen.
Course Director Aidan O’Shea


About the School and Courses

Malvern House Dublin is an English language school in the centre of Dublin. We are located across from Trinity College Dublin and beside temple bar. We place a high emphasis on technology inside the classroom and have interactive whiteboards in every classroom. Our e-reception provides a platform for students to interact with their student records, book activities, change classes, etc.

The maximum in our classes are 15 students, with the average being 11. As part of our executive hub we provide one-to-one lessons for business people.

Our courses range for people of all ages, whether you are 11 years old or 80 we have a programme suitable for you.

Our accommodation services include both homestay and residential services. Please see our website for the most up to date information on this.

General English

Our General English programmes develop effective communication and fluency by focusing on the four main skills; listening, speaking, reading and writing, plus grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation. Start date: Any Monday Level: Any Length: 1-51 weeks
• Standard 20 Lessons: Morning or Afternoon tuition
• Standard 25 Lessons (including 1 module): Morning or Afternoon tuition
• Intensive 33 Lessons: 25 morning lessons (including 1 module) plus 8 afternoon lessons

Exam English (IELTS, Cambridge, TOEIC, TOEFL)

At the Exam hub in Malvern House Dublin we will assist in guiding you through your exams and achieving your maximum result. Whether you are progressing from FCE to CAE or would like to take the IELTS or BEC exam, we can assist you in reaching your full potential.

Start date: Please check for the latest dates.
Exam Classes: FCE, CAE, CPE, BEC, IELTS
Length: 1-13 weeks
Level: Students must be the required level to enter exam classes.
• Exam (33 Lessons): Morning tuition, plus 2 afternoons.
• Intensive 33 Lessons: Morning tuition, plus 2 afternoons.

Business English

At the Business English centre in Malvern House Dublin we will assist in building your business skills to help you maximum your goals. Exam Classes: BEC

Length: 1-13 weeks
Level: Students must be intermediate level to enter Business English classes.
• Business (33 Lessons): Morning tuition, plus 2 afternoons.

Combination Courses (English & Music, English & Sport, English & Dance, Over 50’s)

Our combination courses mix our standard 25 General English courses with expert music, sport or dance lessons. Those who participate in these courses for all ages will take 12 lessons in their chosen area. We welcome all ages on these programmes.

Our over 50s explorer courses are aimed at those over 50s who wish to enjoy some language lessons whilst having a truly unique Irish tourism and learning experience.

Start date: Any Monday / Fixed dates - Over 50s Level: Any
Length: 2-4 weeks
• Standard 25 Lessons, plus Music tuition
• Standard 25 Lessons, plus Sport tuition
• Standard 25 Lessons, plus Dance tuition

Executive/ Professional Programmes (English & Work, Internship)

Dublin boast an excellent choice for those who want to excel in their careers and gain skills that will help gain a competitive edge in today’s working environment.

Start date: Any Monday Level: Any Length: 1-51 weeks
The core of our professional centre is divided into 6 areas:
• Executive English Programmes (1-to-1)
• Executive Business English Programmes (BEC)
• Business English Projects (small group programmes)
• Internship Programmes (unpaid)
• Work & Study (paid)
• Au-pair

Highschool & Academic Year

For our highschool & academic year programmes we provide the highest quality options.
• Academic Year
• Highschool Term Courses

Summer Programmes

Our Language Explorer Summer programmes are what sets Malvern House Dublin aside from other language schools in Ireland and abroad. Our unique mixed school hosts both Irish native English speakers and International learners. When this is combined with our unique approach to learning and our activities, we achieve a different learning environment which benefits our learners.

Start date: Any Monday during July & August
Level: Any Length: 2-7 weeks
• Junior Innovation Programme (Ages 11-15)
• Young International Executive Programme (Ages 16-19)
• Adult Summer Programmes (Ages 20+)
• Family Programmes

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