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"V.G. Korolenko"
Poltava State Pedagogical University


Rector Professor Volodymyr O. Pashchenko
Address 2 Ostrogradsky Street, Poltava 66000, Ukraine
Tel. No. +380 532 7 33 28
Fax No. +380 532 2-58-67
E-mail address
  • Faculty of Physics and Mathematics
  • Faculty of Natural sciences
  • Faculty of History
  • Faculty of Psychology and Education
  • Faculty of Philology
  • Faculty of Physical education
  • Faculty of Educational Engineering
  • Type of courses Full-time
    Length of courses 3 -6 years (2 semesters per year)
    Date of commencement Autumn term - 1 September
    Spring term - Late January/ Early February
    Class size 12-15 language classes/seminars
    25-30, 30-125 lectures
    Student body 6200
    Accommodation Four hostels (available on the campus)
    Fees Accommodation (at the hostels): 8.5 hryvnya per month
    Fees :1598.04 hryvnya (per year) - for full-time students
    639.22 hryvnya (per year) - for extra-mural students.
    The payment is usually done either by the state or by sponsors.
    For overseas students: according to individual agreement
    Financial assistance
  • Normally ( for those whose marks are "good")- 22.5 hryvnya
  • For excellence in study - 28.90 hryvnya per month
  • Individual grants for distinguished students - from 34 hryvnya on
  • Annual grants for orphans
  • Student profile 1. Number of national students : 3331 - full-time students
    2469 -extra-mural students
    No overseas students at present
    University welcomes overseas students to study (on the individual contract basis) any major subject they choose. Preparatory Language courses (Ukrainian) can be organised if necessary.

    2. Ratio of men and women (full-time students) male: 1074 female: 2254
    (extra-mural students) male: 464 female: 2005

    3. Age range
    18-35 (full-time students)
    no limitation for extra-mural students
    Admission requirements Secondary education (Certificate)
    successful pass at three entrance tests
    Contact for application Volodymyr O. Pashchenko


    Department of Philology

    a) Dean: Natalia Khomenko, an assistant professor, Candidate of Philology

    b) Tel.: 7-31-03

    c) Student's body: 1220
    684 - full-time students
    536 - extra-mural students

    d) The academic staff - 49 persons.

    e) Departments of: the Ukrainian language, the Ukrainian Literature, World Literature, Romance and Germanic Philology.

    f) Majoring in: the Ukrainian language and Literature; Foreign Language (English, German) and Literature.

    g) Basic academic courses: Modern Ukrainian, Foreign Language (English, German), Latin, Folklore, Old Slav, History of Foreign Literature.

    h) Major fields of research: Language, Literature

    Faculty of Physics and Mathematics

    a) Dean: Alexander Rudenko - professor, Dr. Science

    b) Tel. number: 7-20-94

    c) Student body: 763
    590 - full-time students
    173 - extra-mural students

    d) The academic staff - 45 persons.

    e) Departments of: Mathematics, General Physics, Mathematical Analysis and Computer Study.

    f) Majoring in Mathematics, Physics

    g) Basic academic courses: Algebra, Geometry, Mathematical Analysis, Functional Analysis, Programming.

    h) Major fields of research: Mathematics, Physics

    Physical Education Department

    a) Dean: Vasyl Synytsa, an Assistant Professor, Candidate of Education

    b) Tel. number: 2-56-96

    c) Student body: 370
    237 - full-time students
    133 - extra-mural students

    d) The academic staff - 45 persons.

    e) Departments of: Sports and sport games, theory and methods of Physical Culture.

    f) Majoring in Physical Education

    g) Basic academic courses: gymnastics and methods of teaching, track-and-field events and methods of teaching, swimming, biomechanics

    h) . Major fields of research: Health education , Methodology of sport developments

    Faculty of Educational Engineering ( wood work, metal work, handicraft)

    a) Dean: Mykola Nikolayev , Assistant Professor

    b) Tel: (380532) 2-79-19

    c) Student's body: 463
    195 - full-time students
    268 - extra-mural students

    d) The academic staff - 17 persons.

    e) Departments: Methodology of Educational Industrial Training, School management

    f) Majoring in wood work, metal work, handicraft

    g) Basic academic courses: Mathematics; General Physics; Theoretical Mechanics; Descriptive Geometry; Decorative Applied Arts

    h) Major fields of research: Education, Applied arts

    Natural Sciences Faculty

    a) Dean : Marina Grinyova Professor, Doctor

    b) Telephone number: 2-56-35

    c) Student body: 786
    477 - full-time students
    309 - extra-mural students

    d) The academic staff - 29 persons.

    e) Departments: Chemistry, Biology, Botany.

    f) Majoring in: Chemistry, Biology.

    g) Basic academic courses: Inorganic Chemistry, Analytic Chemistry, Biochemistry, Botany, Human Anatomy, Genetics.

    h) Major fields of research: Chemistry, Genetics, Botany.

    Faculty of History

    a) Dean: Boris God, Assistant Professor, Candidate

    b) Tel: 2-59-08

    c) Student body: 667
    309 - full-time students
    358 - extra-mural students

    d) The academic staff - 20 persons.

    e) Departments: History and Geography, World History, History of Ukraine.

    f) Majoring in History

    g) Basic academic courses: History of Ukraine, World History, Geography, Archaeology.

    h) Major fields of research: History of Ukraine, World History

    Faculty of Psychology and Education

    a) Dean: Natalia Karapuzova, Assistant Professor, Candidate.

    b) Tel: 2-58-81, 18-48-59

    c) Student body: 1451
    759 - full-time students
    692 - extra-mural students

    d) The academic staff - 66 persons.

    e) Departments: Natural sciences and Mathematics, Philology, Music and Singing

    f) Majoring in: Pre-school education, Psychology, Education

    g) Basic academic courses: Mathematics; Ukrainian, Geography, English

    h) Major fields of research: Pre-school education, Psychology, Education


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