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Tashkent Electrotechnical
Institute of Communication


Rector Mr. Kosimov Sadikjan Sabirovich
Address 108 Amir Timur Street, Tashkent 700084, Uzbekistan
Tel. No. +99871 2 35 0934
Fax No. +99871 2 35 10 40
E-mail address
Faculties & Colleges
  • Telecommunication Networks and Switching Systems
  • Telecommunication Systems of Transmission
  • Radio Communication, Radio Broadcasting and Television
  • Economics Faculty
  • Faculty of Skill Improvement
  • Correspondence Faculty
  • Special (for Military) Faculty
  • Central Asia Training Centre of Communication
  • Liceum
  • Type of courses Full-time and part-time (tuition by correspondence)
    Length of courses 4 years for Bachelor degree, 2 years for Masters degree
    Date of commencement 1 September of every year
    Class size 20 - 25 students
    Accommodation Available
    Fees 2000 USD per year for foreign nationals
    Student profile
  • Number of men/women: 65/35
  • Age range: 17 - 24
  • Contact for application Mr. Kosimov Sadikjan Sobirovich


    Faculties & Colleges

    Telecommunication Networks and Switching Systems

    Dean: Shashkov Mihail Sergeevich /Tel: +99871 2 35 07 42/

    Student Body: 692 students

    Staff: 80

    Chairs: 9

    Basic Academic Disciplines: methods of building digital communication nodes, principles of organising telecommunication networks, theory of distribution of information, telecommunication nodes programming supports and maintenance

    Major fields of research: Telecommunication Network and Switching Systems

    Telecommunication Systems of Transmission

    Dean: Smorshevskiy Vladislav Sergeevich /+998712 35 09 62/

    Student Body: 544 students

    Staff: 74

    Chairs: 6

    Basic academic disciplines: Fundamentals of a construction of telecommunication systems of transmission, Fibre-optical systems of transmission, Digital systems of transmission, , Fibre-optical communication lines.

    Major fields of research: Digital Methods for Signal Transmission and Processing

    Radio Communication, Radio Broadcasting and Television

    Dean: Abduazizov Amon Abdumadjidovich /+998712 35 08 41/

    Student Body: 626 students

    Staff: 56

    Chairs: 8

    Basic academic disciplines: The theory of electrical connection, Propagation of radiowaves and antenna - feeder devices, The analog and integrated scheme an engineering, Radio-relay communication circuits and systems of satellite connection, Satellite and radio-relay systems of transmission, Fundamentals of a radio communication and television

    Major fields of research: Radio Communication Systems, Broadcasting and Television; Transmission and Processing of Information in Optical Frequencies Range; Electromagnetic Compatibility; Physical Problems in Telecommunications;

    Economics Faculty

    Dean: Avanesov Stanislav Zaharovich /+998712 35 08 14/

    Student Body: 508 students

    Staff: 47

    Chairs: 6

    Basic academic disciplines: Economic theory, Book keeping, Management, The theory organisation of management, Organisation of planning and management at the enterprises of communication, Engineering of postal service.

    Major fields of research: Economics and Management in Telecommunication

    Faculty of Skill Improvement

    Dean: Sidikov Said Hodjaevich /+998712 35 08 14/

    Staff: 3

    Basic academic disciplines: Synchronous and Digital SDH networks; Design of Synchronous and Digital SDH networks and Digital Switching system NEAX-61; Theory of electromagnetic compatibility and principles of radio communication in market economy; IBM operator; Mending of radio and TV equipment.

    Correspondence Faculty

    Dean: Qudratilla Haydarov /+998712 35-09-41/

    Student body 676 students

    Staff: 5 Basic academic disciplines: Telecommunication networks and switching systems; Telecommunication transmission systems; Radio Communication, Broadcasting and Television; Management at communication enterprises.


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