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Mining Engineering

Perm National Research Polytechnic University
Murmansk State Technical University
Irkutsk State Technical University
Kazan State University
Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia
Novosibirsk State University
St. Petersburg State University
Tomsk State University
Udmutria State University
Far East State Technical University
Kuban State University of Technology
Kuzbask State Technical University
Moscow Upper State University
Moscow Open State University
Novocherkask State Technical University
Perm National Research Polytechnic University
Samara State Technical University
Tomsk University of Polytechnics
Tula State Technical University
Ufa State Technical University of Oil
Blagoveshtensk University of Polytechnics
Kursk University of Polytechnics
Norilsk University of Industry
Tver University of Polytechnics
Tyumen University of Industry
Uhta University of Industry
Chita University of Polytechnics
State Academy of Oil and Gas
Grozensk University of Oil
Krasnoyarsk University of Non-Ferrous Metals
Magnitogorsk University of Minerals and Metallurgy
Moscow State Academy of Geological Prospecting
Moscow State University of Steel and Alloys
North-Caucasus University of Minerals and Metallurgy
Siberian University of Metallurgy
Urals State Academy of Minerals and Geology

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