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M.Sc. Mathematical Modeling of Complex Systems

Universitätsstr. 1, Campus Koblenz, D-56070 Koblenz, Germany

University of Koblenz-Landau
Faculty of Mathematics / Natural Sciences

Master's Programme in Mathematical Modeling of Complex Systems

Complex systems with a technological, biological or socio-economic background determine our everyday life. The challenge of modeling these complex systems mathematically demands the following prototypic profile of an "expert mastering a repertoire of modern mathematical and computer based methods for modelling, simulating and optimizing complex systems and knowing how to combine those methods for solving real-world problems".

The term expert is understood in the sense of generalist and not a specialist, since this program aims at teaching a broad spectrum of modern methods. The two-year English-taught master program "Mathematical Modeling of Complex Systems" focuses on advanced techniques of modeling, simulation and optimization.

A substantial set of elective courses allows concentration on areas of individual interest. A mobility window enables the students to study abroad and gain scientific and cultural experience at international partner universities. This program uses English as medium of instruction since its graduates will enter a highly globalized work and research community.