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Study Guide to Masters and Bachelors Degree Courses


World Economics

Voronezh State University
Murmansk State Technical University
Moscow International Higher Business School "MIRBIS" (Institute)
Kursk State Agricultural Academy "I. I. Ivanov"
Sakha (Yakutsk) State University
Dagestan State University
Irkutsk State University
Krasnoyar State University
Kuban State University
Asian and African countries Faculty of Moscow State University
Moscow University of Commerce
St. Petersburg University of Economics & Finance
Chuvashsk State University
Altay State Technical University
Moscow State Open University
St. Petersburg State Technical University
Urals State Technical University
Moscow State University of International relations
State Academy of Administration
Moscow University of Statistics & Economics
Russian Academy of Economics
Rostov -on- Donn University of National Economy
Saratov University of Economics
North Caucasian Personnel Centre
Sochy University of Leisure Studies & Tourism
Urals University of National Economy
Financial Academy of the Representative Russian Federation
Habarov University of National Economy
Far East Technical University of Consumer Services
Urals Electrical Mechanical University of Railway Transport Engineering

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