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Master's Degree in Off-shore Engineering

Department of Civil, Chemical, Environmental and Materials Engineering – Alma Mater Studiorum Università di Bologna, Italy

University of Bologna

Master's Degree in Off-shore Engineering

The two-years Master’s degree in Off-shore Engineering is entirely delivered in English. The programme aims at building knowledge to put at use in an international working environment, to cope with advanced design techniques and to tackle the improvement and optimization of off-shore operations in harsh environments.

The programme offers three different tracks:
  • the track addressing Off-shore Energy Technologies, dedicated to the design and operation of off-shore technologies and processes for renewable energies and Oil&Gas, as well as for the exploitation of marine bioresources;
  • the track addressing Off-Shore Structures, dedicated to the design, installation, management and maintenance of off-shore and maritime structures and systems for the exploitation of fabrication techniques, structures assembling, conventional and renewable energies;
  • the track addressing Environmental Off-Shore Engineering, dedicated to the assessment and management of environmental and safety issues in the design and operation of off-shore structures, technologies and systems.
The programme was designed in the framework of an intense cooperation with companies active in the off-shore sector. The topics of the courses are specifically defined to meet both the requirements of a high-ranked engineering preparation and to answer to the professional needs of the sector.

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