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Master’s degree in Resource Economics and Sustainable Development (RESD)

School of Economics Management and Statistics - Rimini Campus, Bologna, Via Angherà 22, 47921 Rimini, Italy

University of Bologna

Master’s degree in Resource Economics and Sustainable Development (RESD)

Are you interested in tackling the environmental challenges of tomorrow and the issues of sustainable development?

RESD offers an excellent preparation in environmental economics, a critical understanding of the issues involved in sustainable development both from a theoretical and practical perspective and of the complex interactions between economic decisions, market forces, governmental policies and the environment.

Programme objectives

RESD graduates will be able to critically evaluate the qualitative and quantitative implications of environmental policies and to autonomously produce, research and forecast concerning the evolution of markets for natural resources and to contribute to the design, production and marketing of products compatible with the sustainability of natural resources.

RESD courses will provide an in-depth analysis of natural resources, taking into account the institutional setup of markets and the competitive strategies of firms.

Why should I study this degree?
  • Multidisciplinary study programme and interdisciplinary approach
  • Network of qualified international professors
  • International environment with a diversity of academic backgrounds

Your career

RESD graduates will be able to employ tools and standard methods in economics and management to environmental and resources related issues, to interact with engineers and chemists thanks to their interdisciplinary educational background and to work in the public and private institutions, agencies, NGOs and stakeholder organizations.

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